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Pool Chemicals



Quality Products. Better Results.

When it comes to cleaning, protecting, and using your swimming pool, keep your investment in mind and choose the best quality products.

Our chemicals are what you’re looking for.


We strive to stock many name-brand products to provide you with choices to help you enhance your backyard and maintain your swimming pool. Though our complete inventory may vary each season, you can expect to find high-quality essentials like these:



Click on the links below to find out more products and more information on each product.


                    Big Tabs        EZ Clor Algaecide        pH Up   O2 Shock     


                                EZ Clor® Sanitizers                  EZ Clor® Algaecides                       EZ Clor® Balancers                          EZ Clor® Oxidizers




Backyard Pools also offers a full line of Natural Chemistry® products for pools and spas.




Maintenance Products

Click on the link above to learn more about maintenance products and to see more pool maintenance products.



Pool Perfect® Image        Pool Perfect® + Phosfree® Image     PRO SERIES® ProZymes® Pool Image



Pool Problem Solvers

Natural Chemistry® can help you clear up any pool with natural and easy-to-use chemicals. Click on the link above to learn more about these and other products.


                                                             Pool First Aid Image                      CoverFree Image                               Algae Break 90® Image



Pool Stain & Scale

Natural Chemistry® can help you treat existing stains and prevent new ones. Whether its a metal or an organic stain Natural Chemistry® has got you covered!


                                                                                      StainFree Extra Strength Image                      Metalfree


Pool Phosphate Removal

No phophates means no problems. Natural Chemistry's® phosphate removers will help you get your phosphate levels to less than 125ppm. They will also help you maintain a low phosphate level with a regular maintenance.




Spa Products

We also offer some of Natural Chemistry's® spa products to help you keep your spa problem free.


                                                                                               Clean & Perfect™ Image           Spa Purge™ Image